For the woman who owns this personality, see Kay Challis.
"Stop it! Stop it! You destroy everything! I will not let you destroy him! I hate you! I hate you, you filthy disgusting man! I am not afraid of you! I am not afraid of you! I am not afraid!"
—Jane confronting Daddy at the Well[src]

Jane, also known as Crazy Jane, is the primary personality of Kay Challis, a young girl who developed multiple personalities after being sexually abused by her father. As the primary, Jane's purpose is to maintain equilibrium in the Underground, where Kay's other personalities reside. As such, Jane has control over Kay's body most of the time, until another personality manifests when they are needed.


Early lifeEdit

Jane first came into being some time after Miranda, Kay Challis' former primary, destroyed herself at the Well from following the advice of the Sisters. Since then, Jane has acted as the primary in Miranda's wake.[3]

Return to Doom ManorEdit

DP 1x01 Jane and Cliff

Jane and Cliff meeting for the first time

In 2019, Jane was brought back to Doom Manor by Niles. She first met Cliff Steele while painting outside, where Jane mentioned that Hammerhead had told her about her altercation with Cliff yesterday. Cliff, however, apologized to Jane, explaining that he's been a "little edge on edge" with the approach of his deceased daughter's 30th birthday. Jane spent the entire day painting, until the Hangman's Daughter took over and conversed with Cliff in the rain.[1]

When Niles left to go on another one of his travels, Jane decided to take the opportunity to leave Doom Manor with Cliff, Larry, and Rita in town.


  • Painting: Jane has shown considerably talent at painting.[1]


Doom PatrolEdit

Season 1Edit


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