Niles Evelyn Caulder, also known as the Chief, is an experimental doctor and pioneer in medical science. He searches the world for those he believes are in need of a safe place to heal, such as Rita Farr, Larry Trainor, Kay Challis and Cliff Steele.


1910's Edit

Bureau of Oddities Edit

Just before World War I, Niles Caulder was a founder and lead researcher of the Bureau of Oddities, a government organization dedicated to researching the supernatural.

Oyewah Edit

During one investigation in Northern Yukon in 1913, Niles and fellow researcher Alistair were viciously attacked by wolves. As Alistair told Niles to run, he tripped and fell down a hill, breaking his leg. Niles then encountered a large creature with the attributes of a bear, wolf, deer, and other animals, before falling unconscious.

Niles awoke in a cave with a primitive, hairy woman with several animal skins as clothes. While at first she was very hostile toward Niles while he healed, they eventually grew close as they gave a makeshift funeral for the bodies of a few hunters who had been killed presumably by the woman. During the funeral, Niles realized with the help of cave paintings and markings that the woman, dubbed Oyewah, was a part of a tribe of ancient humans from possible prehistoric times, imbued with immortality and powerful psychic abilities, which allow her to create avatars such as the animal he had seen before.

Niles and Oyewah began to live together, hunting and living a simple yet fulfilling life that Niles described as his happiest. He and Oyewah eventually became romantically involved, which eventually ended in tragedy as Alistair found Niles again, telling him of the changes that had happened in the outside world and with the Bureau of Oddites, now renamed the Bureau of Normalcy.

Knowing that Alistair's intent was to capture Oyewah and give her to the Bureau, Niles tricked him into falling into broken ice, drowning him. Niles then, in order to protect his love, destroyed his journal of the events and rejoined the Bureau, under the story that he had been surviving on his own until he was found, with nothing to report. From that point on, Niles' mission in life was to protect Oyewah and other 'oddities' like her, from the "true monsters in the world," such as the Department of Normalcy.[1]


Stopping Von FuchsEdit

Shortly after World War 2, crazed scientist and former Nazi Heinrich Von Fuchs, was conducting human tests for a steep price. These tests were capable of transforming normal humans into Metahumans using energy from other dimensions. Eric Morden a low-level supervillain, was receiving his powers until Niles intervened. Aware of how dangerous these experiments were, Niles shot Dr. Fuchs and shut down Morden’s experiment, also stealing the large amount of money Morden spent for the procedure. Niles believed he killed both Von Fuchs and Morden but using his own perverted science, Von Fuchs managed to survive, hooked up to machines for the rest of his life. Morden also survived and would vow revenge on Caulder.


Rescuing Rita FarrEdit

After being exposed to a toxic gas in the Amazon, actress Rita Farr’s cellular structure became completely unstable. No doctor was able to help her and soon Rita became insane, wanting to hide away from society locked in an asylum. Niles became aware of Rita’s problem and found her, promising that he could help her. Taking her to his mansion, using his unique scientific knowledge Niles helped her to control her condition and the two became close friends. Although she remained in his manor, Rita was able to maintain some semblance of her old life, frequently watching her old movies with Niles, while continuing her treatments. Niles would later introduce Rita to Steve Dayton to help with her treatments. Steve would use his telepathic powers to help Rita clear her mind and the two would also eventually begin a relationship.

Leading the Doom PatrolEdit

Throughout the 50’s Niles would find the metahumans: Steve Dayton, Arani Desai, and Rhea Jones. The foursome would form the superhero team “The Doom Patrol”. Their main mission was to stop the Brotherhood of Evil, a team of dastardly supervillains. They eventually defeated the Brotherhood’s leader Ultimax and the villain team went into hiding. The Doom Patrol’s final mission would be against Eric Morden, a former Brotherhood member.


Saving Larry TrainorEdit

During a test flight for a new jet, United States Air Force pilot Larry Trainor became possessed by the Negative Spirit. Trainor crashed the jet and became horribly scarred. With the Negative Spirit inside him, no other doctor was able to help him, due to a radiation emitted from his body. Niles was able to find a way to stabilize Trainor’s condition and moved him into the mansion. Although, he wasn’t able to separate Larry and the Spirit, Caulder developed a machine that allowed him to briefly communicate with him. Niles continued to treat Larry through the decades, trying to help him understand the spirit and come to terms with himself.


Saving Kay ChallisEdit


Rebuilding Cliff SteeleEdit

After a horrific car accident, Cliff Steele was given zero chance of life by his doctors. However, Niles had his own unique methods he wanted to try in order to save Cliff's life. Although his body was destroyed beyond repair, Niles saved Cliff’s brain. Over the next few years, Niles would build Cliff a new robotic body, ignoring any advice from Silas Stone. Although Niles would give Cliff a new chance at life, he would keep the most important secret from Cliff. That his daughter had survived the car crash, he did this in hopes it would save him from future pain, but also to manipulate Steele. Unlike his other patients like Rita and Kay, Cliff and Niles would have a more antagonistic relationship.


Meeting Willoughby KiplingEdit


In 2016 cured Gar Logan of a rare disease in the Congo. By 2018, Caulder lived in a house in Covington, Ohio with the three, as well as Larry, where he performed scientific experiments in the hopes of bettering medicine. At some point, he'd lost the ability to walk, but soon learnt again.[2]

Leaving to retrieve the dying body of Shyleen Lao, Caulder returned, surprised to find Rachel Roth in his house. Before anything, his adopted family assisted Caulder in stabilizing Shyleen, as she'd been in an accident and her body was freezing. Rachel intervened, helping to calm Shyleen down and allow an injection of Caulder's to work. Following this, Caulder scolded Gar for having brought Rachel into their secret circle, but reminded him that he cared for him. They all joined together for tea, where Dr. Caulder explained to Rachel who they were, that he'd helped all of his subjects to live again after various accidents. Hoping to help Rachel, she was put on to a medical table and strapped down. Deciding to back out of the experiment, Rachel pleaded to be let go, but Gar's attempts were stopped by Caulder. Rachel ultimately broke free, using darkness to pick up and throw around the doctor, breaking his back once more.[2] Later, he is seen sat by the window in a wheelchair.

Working With Silas StoneEdit


  • Expert scientist: Caulder possesses an incredible scientific knowledge, being able to save Cliff's brain after a horrific accident, transferring it into a robot body, as well as saving Gar Logan from an otherwise rare disease.[2]He was able to understand and help Rita and Larry with their unique conditions, when no other doctor could.
    • Medical Knowledge:
    • Occult Knowledge:
  • Enhanced longevity: Niles Caulder has been alive since at least 1913, with few substantial changes to his appearance. With no known metahuman powers, the reason for his incredible longevity remains a mystery.


  • Paralysis: As a result of Rachel Roth's attack, Niles is paralyzed from the waist down.
  • Restricted mobility: Due to his spinal injuries and subsequent paralysis, Caulder is restricted to wheelchair, which hampers his mobility.[2]
  • Diabetic: It is possible that Niles is a diabetic, which requires him to regulate his blood sugar levels.


  • Wheelchair: Due to Caulder being paralyzed, he is forced to use a wheelchair in order to move.[2]



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Doom PatrolEdit

Season 1Edit


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Trivia Edit

  • Niles is apparently diabetic, or at least has a fondness for chocolate, as he keeps a filing cabinet full of them in his lab.[3][4]

Behind the scenesEdit

  • He is based in the DC comics character Niles Caulder/Chief.


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