Victor "Vic" Stone (born c. 1996)[1] is the alter-ego of Cyborg, a vigilante crime-fighter whose body was augmented with robotic parts by his father, Silas Stone.


Victor Stone was born in 1996 as the son of Silas and Elinore Stone in Detroit. At the age of six, he met Niles Caulder for the first time.[2] While in high school, Vic joined the football team, his parents told him he should spend more time with his friends, unfortunately this led to Vic getting in trouble with his friends and caused his grades to drop, this ultimately led to his parents grounding him and suspending him from the football team for three weeks as punishment. On June 13, 2014, while arguing with his mother in her lab over his punishment, Vic angrily threw some chemicals across the room, which caused an explosion that killed Elinore, and left Vic severely injured.[3] Silas then took Vic to S.T.A.R. Labs in hopes of saving his life, which he managed to do by infusing Vic with cybernetic enhancements. Shortly after the accident, Niles visited to check up on Vic offered him the chance to come to Cloverton with him, however Vic declined the offer telling Niles that he had other plans.[1] Around the same time, Vic also began fighting crime to help keep Detroit safe.


  • Mechanical Enhancement: Large portions of Vic's body were replaced with robotic prosthetics, which are equipped with a variety of features.
    • Technopathy: Vic's systems enabled him to hack into an ATM, using it to taunt and catch Tim.
    • Shield Generation: Vic's right arm, which is fully mechanical, contains the ability to generate a small holographic shield over his clothes. It is shown to be flame-resistant.
    • Image Projection: Vic's right arm also contains a small projector, which is capable of displaying videos on nearby surfaces, in addition to playing Audio from said videos.
    • Enhanced Strength: Vic's body provides him with strength greater than a normal human’s. He was able to easily overpower two robbers, sending one flying over 10 feet with a kick. He was able to lift Willoughby Kipling into the air with one arm, completely overpowering him.
    • Automated Repair: Cyborg’s body is capable of regenerating his cybernetic parts, however Vic Stone did not want to activate this feature as it seemed to not only cause him great pain but it also sent an emergency beacon to his father.
    • Weapon Systems: Vic's body houses a wide array of weapons such as guns, missiles, and grenades.
      • Sonic Cannon: Vic's right arm can transform into a cannon, capable of projecting powerful blasts of energy.
      • Ion Grenade: When the ion grenade is activated, an explosion of energy erupts from Vic’s body in all directions.


  • Gifted Intelligence:
  • Skilled Tactician:
  • Skilled Combatant:


  • Cybernetic enhancements: Vic's body is equipped with a myriad of mechanical prosthetics that serve to replace his damaged body parts.
  • Grid AI System: Vic's mechanical parts are managed by the AI named Grid. Grid is also capable of searching the internet, hacking into secured communication channels, and responding to Cyborg's verbal commands.


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  • Vic claims that he’s met The Flash, although he may have just said that to impress Jane in her Baby Doll personality.
  • According to Silas, Vic's cybernetics froze his growth after the accident.[1]
  • In the comics, Cyborg is a prominent member of both the Justice League and the Titans.


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